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Design Your Own Scrabble Art (11 x 8)

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Design your own Scrabble Art (11 x 8 Tiles) Finished frame size 35cm x 30cm

So basically, you can create a design that allows up to 11 tiles across and 8 tiles down, this give you 88 squares, that's lots of room to be creative with lot's of words. Have a play around, it's costs nothing to play and we think you will like what we have done

Just click on the image and we will hold your hand all the way. 

Design Your Own Scrabble Art (11 x 8)

* Choose your Frame

Use the grid below to build your Scrabble® Art. Click on your chosen square and simply type the letter you would like to appear there. Only valid scrabble letters are allowed ie. A-Z. When you are happy with the layout you can preview your design by clicking the preview button.

To edit a design that has already been added to the cart. Simply visit the cart and click "Edit" next to the design you would like to change.

   - OR -   

Create your very own message using scrabble letters in our beautiful handmade frames. We will work with you to create a design that will be totally bespoke to you with each order carefully assembled by hand into a wonderful handmade frame.

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